Why to Sell Structured Settlement Payments

Often times when people win a settlement in a legal case, their initial reaction is excitement over their victory and the difference that the money is going to make in their lives. They often won the settlement as a result of some pressing financial burdens, which they realistically need to attend to quickly.

However, they may only be getting monthly or yearly payments from the settlement. Often, they are in need of more money right away and the payments are not enough to make a difference. In that situation, the best course of action is often to go ahead and look into selling your annuity payments. Getting a lump sum of money up front can make a big difference, and it’s the reason most people choose to sell.

That’s not the only factor at play, though. Sometimes those who win settlements realize that their payments are actually costing them money in the long run, and that they would be better off investing a lump sum of money up front. With good financial planning, this can be a far more prosperous way to handle the money. That’s another reason that taking a lump sum up front might be the way to go.

It’s also much easier to sell your annuity now than it used to be. Thanks to our marketplace, you can get a much better offer for your annuity payments and end up making more money. You’ll do so with less hassle, as you don’t have to worry about wrangling offers from potential buyers. In addition, our certified funders are vetted so that you know that they are trustworthy and reliable. Their bids are guaranteed offers, so you won’t get the rug pulled out from under you.

That’s particularly important if you are under time pressure to get the money that you need now to handle your financial burdens. As outlined above, that’s the main reason that people opt to sell their structured settlements.

You should also consider our guarantees. You’ll get our best prices up front without any hassle, and you’ll receive all of your offers in fewer than 24 hours. Since you are under no obligation to sell at that point, you’ll be able to take a look at the offers. There’s really no downside to considering one to six offers in the next day in order to give your self some options.

We can also guarantee that you will get fair price quotes that are accurate, and that if you go ahead and sell you’ll see your transfer processed as quickly as possible under the law.

As such, if you’re even curious about selling, you should contact us by filling out a form for a quote or calling us at 888-617-8128.