Why Choose Us

Often times when people win a settlement in a legal case, their initial reaction is excitement over their victory and the difference that the money is going to make in their lives. They often won the settlement as a result of some pressing financial burdens, which they realistically need to attend to quickly.

However, they may only be getting monthly or yearly payments from the settlement. Often, they are in need of more money right away and the payments are not enough to make a difference. In that situation, the best course of action is often to go ahead and look into selling your annuity payments. Getting a lump sum of money up front can make a big difference, and it’s the reason most people choose to sell.

Simply put, we’ll get you great offers in less time than the competition. That means that you’ll get more money quicker. We’ll also make you our top priority. Selling with us is an easy process, which essentially takes back some of the leverage buyers of structured settlement, annuity and lottery payments used to have over sellers.

In the past, you had to find your buyer and then negotiate with them. As such, there wasn’t a competitive marketplace for buyers to try to purchase payments. That prevented them from having to make their best offers on structured settlements, and they were able to get bigger discount rates.

We decided that was unfair to the sellers, so we put together a marketplace that brings numerous buyers to the table for those who are looking to sell their payments for a lump sum of cash. Due to the competition, each certified funding partner is more inclined to put forth their best offer right away. They know that if they want to win the bidding, they’ll have to make a strong offer.

That gives the seller more of the power in the equation. However, we don’t accept bids from just anyone. All of our certified funders are vetted, so that we can provide you with the protection of knowing that the bids are coming from reliable, trustworthy buyers.

We’ll also provide you with great customer service along the way. We know that the process that we have set up isn’t going to endear us to those who are looking to buy up structured settlements on the cheap, but that’s fine with us. We’re in it to serve you, and that’s why we go the extra mile. Our customer service experts will be able to answer your questions and make sure that you are satisfied with the process.

When comparing us to the competition, we are confident that you will find that we give you a fair offer faster. We guarantee that you will get your offers in fewer than 24 hours and that you’ll get our best price up front. We also guarantee that your transfer will be processed as quickly as legally possible, so that you get your money fast.