Structured Settlements

Are you interested in getting cash now for your structured settlements instead of waiting to get the payments over the months and years ahead? Many people find that selling their structured settlements allows them to have the financial flexibility that they need by getting a lump sum of money now to help deal with unforeseen occurrences

Can My Structured Settlement Be Sold?

Many people wonder if their payments through a structured settlement qualify to be sold to our certified funders. The answers to the following questions will sort that out

Do you or your beneficiaries receive future payments

If you answered “Yes,” to those questions and you are 18 or older, then you can have your settlement payment shopped around to get our highest price quotes. You could even get your quotes today!

Begin By Filling Out the Form Above

It’s really as simple as that. You fill out the form above with your contact information and some details about your structured settlements, we’ll go to work to get you our best quotes possible and then present them to you. Then you decide which offer to take, or you can hold onto your structured settlements.

It’s a simple, easy process. The sale is permitted by both state and federal laws, even if your insurance policy contains anti-assignment language. The money that you get from the sale will also be tax free, because the tax-free status of your structured settlement is held up through a sale.

You won’t have to worry about any paperwork, because our certified funders handle all of that. They’ll get the court approval as well, and you won’t bear any of the cost. When everything is done, the money from the sale will be sent directly into your bank account and you’ll get immediate access to the money. The whole time, you’ll be protected by the court process, so the transaction is risk free for you.

We’ll Get You Great Quotes

In the past, those who wanted to sell their structured settlements had to find a buyer on their own. As a result, the marketplace really favored the buyer over the seller. We decided to help the seller out and bring the marketplace to them.

As a result, you won’t have to go hunting for buyers. They’ll come to you and we’ll bring you all of their offers. Because they have to compete with their bids to buy your structured settlement, you’ll get more money. Instead of a one-on-one process, you’ll be fielding bids from numerous certified funders.

When they compete, that benefits you. That’s how we’ve become a leader in the structured settlement factoring industry and managed to consistently get our sellers solid offers for their structured settlements.

If you want to sell your structured settlements, complete the form above or call 888-617-8128 today.