Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your service different from others in the industry?

We are one of the best in the industry when it comes to setting up a marketplace for the sale of structured settlement payments and annuities nationwide. We find potential buyers and vet them to make sure that they are certified to make bids on your payments. This makes sure that you get a great offer from a trustworthy buyer for your structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments.

What types of payments are eligible to receive price quotes?

We are able to provide quotes on a number of different types of settlement, insurance and annuity payments. If your payments originate from one of the following sources, we can provide you with bids:

We do not provide quotes on workers compensation payments, payments owed to a minor, pensions, social security, mortgages, pre-settlement cases, VA disability or other disability payments.

What is a structured settlement annuity?

It’s terminology for the payment from personal injury damages, which is spread out over time in a contract issued by the insurance company. It’s also a tax-free payment for a fixed period of time, which generally originates from a lawsuit.

Are you legally allowed to sell your structured settlement payments?

Yes, and most states have specific laws on the books to protect these rights if you meet certain requirements.

Does it matter that your policy includes languages against its sale?

This does not stop you from making the sale, as a judge will have to approve the sale anyway and can override that language

Can you sell some of your structured settlement payments while keeping others?

Yes. You can create a custom package to sell, and keep some of the payments as your own. The paperwork will be drawn up accordingly and the company issuing the payments will do so according to that documentation.

That means that people selling their settlements were getting almost 20 percent less than the value of the remaining payments. We thought that was way too big of a discount and decided to help people selling their payments get more money.

Will you owe taxes on the proceeds from the sale of your structured settlement payments?

This depends upon whether or not you owed any taxes on the structured settlement payments in the first place. If you were getting them tax free, then the money from the sale of your payments will also be tax-free. This is usually the case.

How do bankruptcy proceedings impact the situation?

You can still receive quotes on your payments, but you’ll need to give us that information up front so that we can communicate with the trustee in your bankruptcy proceedings. There may be a fee deducted from the quotes due to the extra paperwork and legal work that might need to take place.

Are there any associated risks with selling payments?

You maintain all of your rights until the transaction is finalized and you receive the money. Since the court system is involved, you also get that extra layer of protection.

How long does it take to receive your quotes?

You will get quotes within 24 hours with firm offers for your payments. Sometimes you’ll receive some or all of your quotes within an hour.

How many quotes will you receive?

You’ll get at least two price quotes, but no more than six. It will depend upon how many certified funders are participating when you enter your case.

Are the quotes guaranteed offers?

Yes; the quotes that you are given do constitute guaranteed offers to buy your payments. You then have 48 hours from the time the offer is posted to make up your mind. After 48 hours pass, the offer may remain valid or it may be revoked. That decision is up to the particular certified funder and will be decided for each individual case.

We also guarantee that you will get our best price quotes up front, and that you’ll get the quotes within 24 hours, if not sooner.

Are you required to sell to one of the bidders?

No, you are not required to sell your payments just because you received quotes. It will be up to you how to proceed.

Can you change your mind?

Yes, you can. However, you should not accept an offer unless you are positive that you do want to complete the sale. However, if you change your mind, you do usually have a “cooling off,” period. During that time you can cancel the transaction. If this period is written into the language of the agreement, it will be clearly defined on the Disclosure Statement or Sale and Assignment Agreement, so that you will know how long you have.

When do you find out about the highest quote offered?

You will be told as soon as you accept the offer who the certified funder is, but in advance it is good to know that they are all vetted and certified as reliable, trustworthy and competent.

How long does it take to get paid?

We’ll get the process moving as quickly as possible. From the time that you say yes to an offer and confirm that you want to proceed, you’ll receive a call within two hours. That will be a customer service call to give you more details about contacting the certified funder.

Next, you’ll get all of the legal documents within 24 hours. They’ll ship from the certified funder through Federal Express. If you choose to receive these documents via email or fax, you’ll get them even faster – usually within one hour

You then need to go through the court process, which can take as few as 30 days. As soon as that is finalized, you’ll get your money through a direct wire transfer into your bank account.

In total, the process can play out in as few as six weeks. It does depend on the specific state in which you live, though.