About Us

I Sell Structured Settlements works for you to help you sell a structured settlement, lottery payment or annuity payment. That way you can get the money you need up front, instead of waiting on the payments.

We’re The Best

I Sell Structured Settlements, is the number one structured settlement marketplace in the United States of America. We’ve helped well over 10,000 customers sell their structured settlements, lottery payments or annuity payments since 2007. We’ve transacted more than $500 million in payments in that same period of time!

What Do We Do?

At I Sell Structured Settlements, we set up the first ever marketplace that enabled you to sell your structured settlements, lottery payments or annuity payments. We give you options instead of leaving you negotiating with one potential buyer and losing leverage.

We’ll shop your payments to certified funders, who are pre-approved by us. These funding companies will have to compete to give you their best price. As a result, you’ll get more money for your payments. You’ll also spend less time and energy getting those offers, as we’ll handle that for you.

So, what do we do? We get you your money with less hassle! It doesn’t get much better than that.

We’re Here to Serve You

When it comes time to sell your structured settlement, lottery payment or annuity payment, discount rate is a key word. We’re driving discount rates down. The lower the discount rate is, the more money you’ll get for your payments. Essentially, the discount rate is the price break that the buyer is getting for giving you a lump sum now.

You could consider the discount rate to be the present value of your future payments. Before we started our marketplace in 2007, the average discount rate on structured settlements across the industry was 19.4 percent, according to the California Attorney General Report in 2004.

That means that people selling their settlements were getting almost 20 percent less than the value of the remaining payments. We thought that was way too big of a discount and decided to help people selling their payments get more money.

By forcing competition into the marketplace and essentially setting up a bidding process, we’ve lowered the discount rates. In 2011, our customers had an average discount rate of just 8.67 percent.

The funding companies sure don’t like us, but we’re here to serve you – not them!

Quality Customer Service

We give our customer service experts top-notch training so that they can keep you informed and take care of any questions or issues that you may have. They’ll give you options that are in your best interest.

They’ll also stay in touch with you and keep an eye on the proceedings as the court ordered transfer process continues, so that they can make sure that you are being served well and that you get your money as quickly as possible.

Give us a call today at 1-888-617-8128 and find out what your structured settlement, lottery or annuity payments are worth!